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ICPIT offers a 3- Year Certification Training in Pelvic-Heart Integration® (600+ hours) given by certified ICPIT-trainers in Pelvic-Heart Integration®. If you are interested to take this training, please go here. Questions? Ask the ICPIT-secretariat. or look through website:

For Whom: For all interested people and practitioners in the field, interested to increase their level of experience, skill and understanding of psychosexual bodymind work. For people interested in Personal Development. For therapists in the field of Body Psychotherapy (Students and practitioners in Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration®, Core Energetics, Bodymind Therapy, Hakomi, Gestalt Therapy, Reichian oriented Therapies, Body Therapy (Shiatsu, Massage, Movement Education, etc.)

Entry Criteria: Minimum of 50 Hours of Personal Development Sessions/ Experiential Work/ Emotional Process Work (Individual or Group), Experience with Body Psychotherapy, Bodymind Integration, Bodywork, Systemic Work

Enrollment & Bank Information: Send € 100,- to: BE24 0017 2768 0538 (Inst. Bodymind Integration (Dirk Marivoet) - BIC BNP Paribas Fortis : GEBABEBB) with communication: PHI-Training Hungary. You will receive a first confirmation and an invitation for an interview. You can also call us and ask for an interview: +32 9 228 49 11 or +43 676 3121929. After the interview you will receive a definitive confirmation letter.

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